What are you throwing on the bonfire tonight?

Photo by Janne Karaste

Today in the UK, we celebrate blowing things up. Or nearly blowing things up.

Bonfire Night is so quintessentially punk; a bit edgy, transgressive at its very roots. Is tonight the closest we British get to wildness? Fireworks are a bit Malcolm McLaren, a bit KLF aren’t they? I don’t whether I am more awed by the pretty lights or the way ‘poor’ councils such as mine (Brent) will still plunder their paltry budgets and basically shoot wads of cash into the ether.  I’ve never been clear whether we are celebrating Guy Fawkes’ gall or his failure? That’s the beauty of a fire festival; it can be both destructive and creative depending on how you look at it.

If I could build a bonfire this year it would be (highly dangerous as our postage stamp-sized garden is fence-to-fence wooden decking) made up of the year’s disappointments: several lottery scratch cards unpeeled to reveal their worthless core; rejection letters from employers and publishers; the packaging from knickers bought in a hopeful size-too-small; unopened jubilee bunting. But from the ashes, I would begin again, freer than before.

What are you throwing on the pyre tonight?

5 thoughts on “What are you throwing on the bonfire tonight?

  1. I think that this is a brilliant post. So simple, but thought provoking. Maybe this is when we should make new resolutions for the coming 12 months, at a time when we can burn away all our so-called failures or disappointments.

    Were I to throw things upon the blaze I would burn my old bras, especially maternity and breast feeding ones, bra pads, and my sadness at the changes in my body. And that’s just a start. I shall be pondering this post today. Thanks Sara! X


  2. Could I throw my pain in the backside fella on? Oh, no, that’d be murder right? I am joking (of course)… For anybody looking for a new challenge, physically and mentally, I would recommend Bodyfit Academy (you gals might not have it in your area but they’ll likely be something similar).. after bambino I found this really works – I’m feeling and looking better but have a new found energy from this group – new like-minded, nuts, people who love a challenge. Being up and out so early (6.30am) and seeing the start of a new day is very motivating! Try it Older Mum.. you’ll not regret it – that’ll certainly invigorate a couple of areas of your old-self!


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