Women with Unnaturally Perfect Hair During Childbirth

Rachel from Friends Giving Birth

Rachel and Ross from Friends demonstrate perfectly coiffured childbirth.

Miranda Sex in the City Giving Birth

Ok, Miranda has one small hair out of place but SJP? A ‘real’ birth partner would be knackered and covered in bite marks/poo.

Christina and Will from Up All Night

Oh Come on… a fugging HAIRBAND? Christina and Will in Up All Night

Blonde Woman in Labour

This is how I thought I looked…but I didn’t

Spotted any more…?

8 thoughts on “Women with Unnaturally Perfect Hair During Childbirth

  1. And how come they all have labours that last just one episode? Mine would have lasted a whole season! I posted my birth story (or getting ready to give birth story) earlier this year, complete with piccie of me painting my toenails in between contractions (well, couldn’t be totally unprepared!), and I’d had a blow-dry 2 days before (remembering how crap I looked in all the piccies with Missy G first time around)…. the funny thing is that apart from the mandatorily painted toenails, I am SO not that kind of woman! It must have been the hormones….. honest guv!



  2. Ha ha I blow-dried my hair (for about the first time in 6 months) just before going into labour second time round, as I remembered how BAD I’d looked in the pictures first time round. Shouldn’t have bothered – I spent my entire labour pulling my hair to stop the pain, and so by the end I looked like I’d stuck my head in a chip pan. Wasn’t quite the look I was going for…


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